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Do your colleagues rely on a provider directory to help manage their workflow? If so, do they struggle with directory maintenance or usability issues? Is there room for improvement to fully maximize its outreach across multiple mediums and demographics?

We can help. Clinical Referral Directories, with solutions specifically designed for medical staff and patients, adds a unique value in improving your hospital directories, publications and find-a-doctor type tools.

Keep Your Organization at the Forefront of the Newest Clinical Referral Advancements


A well-functioning clinical directory system streamlines the overall referral process, retains patients and providers in network, enhances care coordination and communication.


In line with the charter goals of recent health care reforms, we have proven solutions and add-ons that will help increase patient referrals, reduce your staff's time on these efforts, and improve revenues and cost savings, working seamlessly in tandem with existing platforms.

Enhance physician engagement, recruitment  and retention



  • Increase patient referrals

  • Enhance physician engagement, recruitment and retention

  • Keep more patients and providers in network

  • Boost productivity and satisfaction scores

  • Maximize the usability and reach of your directories across all mediums and demographics

  • Identify and fix ongoing referral/revenue leaks

  • Remove all inherent directory maintenance related struggles and constraints

  • Reduce costs and streamline administrative overhead, help everyone save time and money

  • Enjoy simple, fast, easy "One Source of Truth" integration - go live within 2 weeks!

  • Receive in-depth executive reports and analysis on directory usage



Recent industry studies show that over 90% of hospitals deal with challenges related to referral/revenue leakage, stemming from provider directory & guide maintenance, accuracy, and reach/usability issues. Some of these include:

  • Revenue loss and administrative costs go up each time a physician or a referral coordinator cannot easily access accurate, timely, complete provider data, and/or cannot instantly and efficiently submit a referral.

  • Most directories are highly error-prone. More than 50% of surveyed physicians say they run into problems at least once a month because of inaccurate directories, insufficient data and/or lacking functionalities.

  • One-size does not fit all. The lack of customized solutions hampers productivity, with users demanding full flexibility in being able to access and generate referrals the way they prefer.

  • Public-facing web pages listing doctors and ‘find-a-doctor’ type search tools are only portion of the fix, with most physicians, referral coordinators and employees surveyed saying they are not properly equipped with all the tools and data they need to be fully effective in their day-to-day tasks.

  • Version control and data maintenance issues between patient-facing directories, provider-facing directories, hospital network/affiliate directories, all employee directories. A single directory often falls short of addressing the unique needs of different stakeholders in helping prioritize and channel referrals with maximum speed and accuracy.

  • Senior accessibility. Patients 65 years and older represent nearly 40% of hospitalized adults and, account for nearly half of all health care dollars spent on hospitalization. Roughly one-third of these seniors do not use the internet at all, and the ones who do say they are not confident and need help.

  • Reaching millennials. Younger providers and patients now spend twice as much time on their phones compared to their desktop or laptops. ‘Smartphone-compatible’ websites do not deliver the same levels of user functionality and referral flow when compared to custom-built smartphone apps.

  • Maintaining provider directories internally costs hospitals nationwide $2.76 billion annually, in spite of the potential opportunity to streamline related overhead staff costs by up to 35%, with zero ongoing drain on internal resources or dependencies on IT.

Thanks so much... I appreciate all your work!"

— April D., RN, MHA,

Director of Call Center /Transfer Center, Harborview Medical Center, UW Medicine

They did a great job for our Company. They met the timelines and produced excellent results at a very reasonable cost. They are trustworthy, honest and have the highest business ethics. Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative"

— Manmohan S.

Columbia Tower Club General Manager

This looks great! Thank you so much for your flexibility!"

— Cheryl C.

AVP Marketing, Providence


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