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With over 10 years of proven partnerships, modernizing

hospital directories quickly and effortlessly is our specialty

  • University of Washington Medicine
  • St. Luke's Health System
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Flash & PDF
  • Self-Updating CDs & USBs
University of Washington Medicine St. Luke's Health System Mobile Apps Online Flash & PDF Self-Updating CDs & USBs




Improved Referral Flow = PR = Marketing = Recruitment & Retention = Education

New Programs Awareness = Talent Acquisition = Fundraising = Accessibility = Ease of Use

Online Flash & PDF = Print & Print-On-Demand = Speed = Efficiency = Reliability

Plug & Play = Zero Overhead = Cost Savings = Elective Revenue Generation



How well do you think your referral coordinators have what they need in their current directories to keep referrals in network? Do they feel they have a well organized, quickly updatable referral guide?


Online, on Mobile Apps, also on Self-Updating Smart CDs & USBs, our print-on-demand turnkey solution will help you improve your outreach, enhance user appreciation and referrals, streamline and simplify otherwise complex and costly directory maintenance issues with reliable, always up-to-date provider information.



Maximize Your Hospital's Outreach & Efficiency - Internally and/or Externally


   Enhance communications & messaging with a reliable, up-to-date "one source of truth" reference tool


   Keep referrals in your network, updated consistently and effectively. Improve physician recruitment

      and retention, while increasing referral flow


   Maximize your provider exposure, reach and integration - increase response rates up to 600%  


   Update your publications easily, anytime, without having to re-print or re-send anything ever again  


   Remove all inherent print limitations - deadlines, permanent print errors, out-of-date inventory




Modernize Your Clinical Referral Directories with a Fast, Easy & Reliable Solution


   Receive a working live, customized, complimentary prototype directory, within 2 weeks!  


   Enjoy simple, fast, easy integration, compatible with virtually all systems and databases


   Provide your audience interactive, print-on-demand, web-enhanced information  


   Install your self-updating publication as a stand-alone application on PCs and Macs  


   Track insightful usage metrics for your social media-enabled and searchable content




Educate Your Audiences & Stakeholders


   Ensure your audiences are up to date with your latest service offerings and accessibility


   Present information regarding Certifications, Accreditations, NEW, expanded or

      featured service offerings, or staff expertise. Examples: Emergency Stroke Care certifications,

      DaVinci System, enhanced MRI or CT scanning capabilities. Lists providers in network of hospital,

      ACO and/or MCO, have referrals remain in-network


   Clarify insurance coverage – in-network ability to identify insurance coverage for listed Physicians for

      in-network referrals


   Highlight specialist expertise – opportunity for Physicians to indicate practice expertise,

      preferences and style of care


   Extent of specialist availability concise, easily accessible, ability to filter, listing of all specialists


   Maintain information integrity – directory is current, searchable, various filtering parameters,

      consolidated into one database from all network sources. One source of truth!


   Accessibility: access the directory from PC, tablet, or smart phone platforms. Directory has 24/7

      accessibility. Electronic distribution of information. On demand print capabilities.


   Prioritize staff focus – staff can stay focused on patients and providers. Directory is maintained by

      Clinical Referral Directories




Generate Cost Savings & Revenues


   Outsource the costly hassle of maintaining publications across multiple mediums, unburden your

      overhead for other more critical tasks


   Eliminate your printing/re-printing costs up to 100% and mailing costs up to 80% - ie, eliminate the

      obligatory reliance and cost of print, while allowing stakeholders the ability to print any/all sections

      at will, as updates occur


   Combine several publications side-by-side to achieve additional savings of 50%, 67%, 75% and more


   Generate revenues through our elective Advertising Partnership Program


   Go green by reducing your hospital's carbon footprint while delivering a net upside in terms of speed,

      accuracy and user-friendliness




Q&A: "How would this be more effective than the directory on our website?"


Great question we received via LinkedIn! 


Yes, to start with an interesting fact, we have never produced a directory & guide for a hospital who didn't already have some form of a "find a doctor" type web search tool.


In most cases, hospitals use our publications in tandem with their existing good endeavors, ie the two things are apples & oranges per se and they do not compete with each other - they work harmoniously without adding any work, crossing any wires or stepping on any toes.


What we deliver is a highly specialized publication which combines the benefits of an enhanced customized directory + guide, addressing specific niche needs and pain points - you might well be surprised at how many hospitals grapple with the same kind of issues we help solve.


In a nutshell, we deliver a solution that is better, faster, more accurate, more reliable, used more widely, resulting in an overall improved referral flow process, with great feedback and testimonials from all stakeholders.


Below are the Top 10 common considerations directly shared with us by hospital executives, when asked what makes them like our solution:

  1. How well do you think your referral coordinators have what they need in their current directories to keep referrals in network? Do they feel they have a well organized, quickly updatable referral guide, an always reliable single "source of truth"? (one Physician Liaison Manager we work with also likes using the phrase "high speed, low drag")

  2. When there is a change (ie someone new, someone departed, new title/specialty, department, etc), how long does it take for the update and for everyone to be able to see this? Months? Weeks? Days? Hours?

  3. Does your directory/publication show/distinguish direct employees vs. partner physicians by network/hospital affiliation? Is there a way to highlight/prioritize/channel referrals accordingly?

  4. Does it highlight recent new providers? Ie, can the user tell if someone has been with the hospital less than 6 months? Is there a way to highlight/prioritize/channel referrals accordingly?

  5. Does it help highlight new departments/specialties and what they do who they are? Does it provide detailed referral procedures & forms/links/numbers, calendar of events, other related news?

  6. Does your hospital solely rely on an external-facing directory? Does this show everything needed for internal staff to do their jobs in the most efficient manner? (most external facing website have inherent limitations on what they are allowed to include/show)

  7. What about an internal "back of the house" publication which helps staff maintain and look up more detailed, private/sensitive data information to help the accuracy and speed of the referral process?

  8. If desired, can users neatly print a page(s), or entire sections (by department, by name, by specialty, appendix pages, etc) at will whenever they want, for easy reference, to make quick notes on, and/or to create their own special-interest reference booklets? (feedback shows a high percentage of staff having a preference for this functionality, ie to have everything in a flipbook and PDF format readily printable)

  9. Would your referral process benefit from special custom-designed apps for iPhone & Android users? ("mobile-friendly" websites are inherently limited by nature and yield lower usage/results, regardless of what webmasters may claim)

  10. Would your referral process benefit from print copies, and/or print-on-demand versions of your directory - internally, for mailing outside, conferences, related industry events? What about being able to mail or give away stand-alone hospital USBs which contain your directory & guide in them, automatically updated with each use?


Again with each hospital being unique, we like sharing an enjoyable demo to learn more, which helps us identify and customize our solution to fit your specific preferences, all directly benefiting you and your hospital.


If you would like us to set up a quick online show & tell meeting please let us know - at a minimum would be happy to hear your feedback on what we're doing with everyone!


Thank you we look forward to hearing from you!


Questions? Call (800) 621-9176 or email info@clinicalreferraldirectories.com

for more information and a live online demo meeting.



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