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Are you a progressive healthcare leader who wants to
increase referral efficiency, improve patient care and decrease costs?

  • Overcome directory maintenance related struggles

  • Improve provider referral flow

  • Enhance the reach and usability of your directory & guides

  • Streamline your processes, eliminate redundancies

  • Save time and money

Keep your organization at the forefront of the newest clinical referral technologies, maximizing both your virtual and physical outreach.

In line with the charter goals of recent health care reforms, our clinical directory improvement solutions and add-ons are proven to help organizations maximize their outreach, increase revenues and referral flow, eliminate costs and revenue loss, all while providing a trackable improved service to their target audience.

Owing to its robust patent-pending software, it delivers a net upside in terms of speed, accuracy and user-friendliness.


Challenges, Opportunity Statements:

Recent industry studies show that over 90% of hospitals are dealing with challenges related to provider directory accuracy and usability issues which undermine their overall referral efficacy, resulting in increased costs and revenue loss.

  • More than 50% of surveyed physicians say they run into problems at least once a month because of inaccurate directories.

  • Most directories are highly error-prone, with up to half of the information being incorrect.

  • Common ‘find-a-doctor’ type search tool directories, when used alone, are limited in their outreach and functionality; they fall short of adequately meeting the unique needs of all respective stakeholders - ie providers, physician liaisons, staff, administrators, prospective patients. 

  • Revenue loss and administrative costs go up each time a patient cannot easily access accurate, timely, complete provider data.

  • Maintaining provider directories internally costs hospitals nationwide $2.76 billion annually.


Do these issues sound familiar?
Are you open to new ideas to help mitigate them?

Here’s a checklist of add-on improvements sought by hospitals we have worked with, to help ascertain your risk exposure and improvement opportunities in your ongoing directory and referral process efforts:

  • How happy are you with the overall accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency of your referral directory? How well do you think your referral coordinators have what they need in their current directories to keep referrals in network? Do they feel they have a well-organized, quickly updatable referral guide?

  • Separate Internal and External Directories: Are you relying on a single, ‘one-size-fits-all’ directory, to serve both internal and external users? Public-facing directories have inherent limitations on what they are allowed to share. What about an internal "back of the house" publication which helps staff maintain and look up more detailed, private/sensitive information to help the accuracy and speed of the referral process?

  • Helpful Indexes: Does your directory show/distinguish direct employees vs. partner physicians by network/hospital affiliation? Is there a way to highlight/prioritize and channel referrals accordingly? Is it indexed to include listings by name, specialty, location, expertise, key words, accepting patients yes/no? Does it highlight and advocate new providers, by tenure and/or relation?

  • Reverse-directory: Can your patients and administrators easily look up and refer providers by first selecting a sought out insurance plan, then specialty, location or name?

  • All employees vs providers-only: Do you have an alternative directory which lists all employees, ie not just providers?

  • Print-on-demand: If desired, can users neatly print a page(s), or entire sections (by department, by name, by specialty, appendix pages, etc) for easy reference, to make quick notes on, and/or to create their own special-interest reference booklets? Feedback shows a high percentage of staff have a preference for this functionality, ie to have everything in a readily printable flipbook or PDF format.

  • Senior accessibility: Patients 65 years and older represent nearly 40% of hospitalized adults and, account for nearly half of all health care dollars spent on hospitalization. Roughly one-third of these seniors do not use the internet at all, and the ones who do say they are not confident and need help. Do you have a print-on-demand or print-by-mail directory solution available to ensure they have adequate, ongoing access to your providers, in an easily usable print guide format?

  • Mobile apps: Desktop internet usage is falling, and mobile internet usage is rising. Over 200 billion apps are expected to be downloaded this year, with Americans spending nearly twice as much time on their phones compared to their desktop or laptops. Most "mobile compatible" websites do not provide the best user experience, and are inherently limited by nature and yield lower usage/results. Do you have custom-designed stand-alone iPhone and Android apps to meet this demand segment?

  • Geo-location: For any providers operating out of multiple locations, do have desktop, laptop and mobile app directories offering geo-location to enable users find the most suitable providers by location and proximity?

  • Stand-alone publication & guide: Do you have a professional stand-alone publication with rich content, ie a clinical referral directory & guide (emphasis on guide), which includes a greeting message from your hospital CEO, an overview of your organization and its services, with appendix sections highlighting the latest departmental news, new providers and specialties, upcoming calendar of events, in addition to physicians being listed by name, category, keywords?

  • Maximizing outreach through multiple mediums: Are you keeping your audience up to date with your latest news via email, text, mailers, app notifications? Would your hospital benefit from print copies, internally, for mailing outside, conferences, related industry events? What about increasing your response rates by being able to mail or give away stand-alone hospital USBs which contain your directory & guide in them, automatically updated with each use?

  • Hospital vs payer provider directory synchronization: Are you happy with the accuracy and timeliness of the data on your payers’ patient-facing directories, or like most hospitals, are you losing revenues on an annual basis due to missing information and other discrepancies? Would you like to capture this revenue while also eliminating a significant portion of your administrative burden and costs related to ongoing monthly provider directory maintenance work?

  • Cost savings and improved efficiency: How much time and money would you save if you could streamline/automate your directory maintenance process and cut related overhead staff costs by 40% or more?

Which of the above ideas may be of benefit? A well-functioning clinical directory system streamlines the overall referral process, retains patients and providers in network, enhances care coordination and communication. We can help. We have proven solutions that will help increase patient referrals, reduce your staff's time on these efforts, and improve revenues and cost savings, working seamlessly in tandem with existing platforms.

Does this sound of interest, would you like more information? Simply
call us at (800) 621-9176 or email us at info@clinicalreferraldirectories.com and we will be happy to assist. You can also directly schedule a live online demo with your preferred date and time.

Thank you we look forward to hearing from you!



About us: With over 10 years of proven partnerships with health systems, improving directories quickly and effortlessly is our specialty. One major university hospital group (four hospitals and 1,600+ physicians) alone generated savings of over $4 million, with St. Luke’s Health System (14 hospitals and medical centers) and other hospitals utilizing Clinical Referral Directories for 10+ years. 100% of our clients have renewed their initial contracts.


With over 10 years of proven partnerships with health systems,
improving directories quickly and effortlessly is our specialty!


Hospital vs Payer Provider Directory Synchronization   Data Update & Process Management
Internal Facing, External Facing, and/or “Reverse” Provider Directories
Increased Cost Savings  Revenue Maximization & Missed Revenue Elimination
Enhanced Referral Flow Plug & Play Solution  Zero Added Overhead
Guaranteed ROI with Advanced Analytics & Executive Reporting


Call (800) 621-9176 or email info@clinicalreferraldirectories.com

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